Ministerial Conference Antibiotic Resistance:
Joining Forces for Future Health

The Executive Board of the World Health Organization discussed the concern of antibiotic resistance in January 2014 and recommended the adoption of a resolution (EB134.R13) to the World Health Assembly in May 2014. In this resolution the development of a Global Action Plan on antibiotic resistance has been proposed.

The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport of the Netherlands has taken the initiative, on the request of Director General Margaret Chan, to host a ministerial meeting immediately after the foreseen adoption of the resolution at the World Health Assemblee.

The ministerial conference will focus on moving the fight against antibiotic resistance from advocacy to action on a truly global level. The meeting, co-sponsored by The World Health Organization, has the objective to accelerate the political commitment of working together and to give input for the global action plan.

The second day of the ministerial meeting will specifically focus on the interface human and animal health from a "One Health" perspective. We will share the Dutch experience and will prepare, jointly with the ministers present and the International Organizations, suggestions for measurable targets to be included in the Global Action Plan.

We welcome the participation of your ministers. We hope that the meeting will bring together leadership for combined actions to move forward towards 2015 and beyond.


Edith Schippers,Edith Schippers
Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport of The Netherlands


margaret chanMargaret Chan,
Director General World Health Organization

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